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CoSIRA / RDC Documents *
  • Wrought Ironwork -- A manual of instruction (Provided in 6 pdf files.)
  1. Wrought Ironwork - 1
  2. Wrought Ironwork - 2
  3. Wrought Ironwork - 3
  4. Wrought Ironwork - 4
  5. Wrought Ironwork - 5
  6. Wrought Ironwork - 6

* These documents are intended for private study. If you want a printed copy please contact a bookshop or online book site. Both used and newly reprinted copies are available. While these files are widely available online, they still carry the copyright of the UK Rural Development Commission. As the RDC no longer seems to exist we rely on the license granted by If you represent the RDC and want to assert your copyright to have them deleted, contact

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