Bedayn-Thomson Grant Fund

The CALIFORNIA BLACKSMITH ASSOCIATION offers two types of grants from the Bedayn-Thomson Grant Fund: a General Grant and a Scholarship. For complete requirements and application guidelines, please download the Grant Fund Guidelines.

Please read the application requirements carefully before submitting your application. Our Writing Tips Guide can be helpful to read before writing your grant proposal.

Bedayn-Thomson Grant Fund

A General Grant is typically a grant for merit. It has more rigid eligibility requirements than the Scholarship Grant, a higher funding cap (up to $2,000 per grant) and is for purposes that benefit CBA and the craft of Blacksmithing.

General Grant applications can be sent to Carol De Maintenon.

Scholarship Grant

A Scholarship Grant is typically a grant for for need. It is limited to the purpose of improving a member’s blacksmithing skills by attending a course at an approved school or workshop. Eligibility for this type of grant is more relaxed, and the maximum amount awarded is $800 towards the cost of the course. Travel costs are not included in a Scholarship. CBA Conferences do not fit the purposes of a Scholarship.

Scholarship Grant applications can be sent to Carol De Maintenon.

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