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CBA is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating smiths and preserving the art and craft of blacksmithing.

Started in 1977, by a group of 17 California blacksmiths, CBA has developed into a thriving group of over 650 blacksmiths and enthusiasts. We are a diverse group of men and women whose common interest is a passion for metal. Our non-profit, volunteer organization is dedicated to keeping the tradition, art and craft of blacksmithing alive.

CBA welcomes anyone interested in blacksmithing, from beginners to professionals.  Be sure to join us so you can enjoy the people, events and resources that make the CBA a valuable organization.

The California Blacksmith Association 2020 Survey

By taking this survey, you'll teach us how to better educate smiths and preserve the art and craft of blacksmithing. Through our survey, we are anonymously collecting your thoughts and some basic information to keep our 43-year-old non-profit thriving. Your input will help make our events and educational outreach more suited to what you want and need.

Please take 15 - 20 minutes to complete the online survey. (If you are not equipped to do this on the web, contact the Secretary ( 707/634-6132 ) to receive a printed copy. Or get a friend to download and print this CBA Member Survey 2020 - paper copy.pdf. Fill it out and mail it in.)  We welcome survey responses from members and non-members alike.

If you are a current member or a recently lapsed member you will get an e-mail from But everybody is welcome to click: BEGIN SURVEY.   (

Thank you for your time.

Miguel de los Rios, President
California Blacksmith Association

The New CBA Online Lessons Initiative will start July 20

We are taking CBA Education into a new online era:  this initiative represents the first steps in this effort. Mark Aspery and Dennis Dusek are organizing this initiative - the series will feature instruction by a variety of outstanding blacksmiths.

This new virtual series will begin with an online lesson from Victoria Ritter:

The Basket-Twist Handled Poker

Victoria will provide detailed instruction on forge welding principles and how to perform three basic types of forge welds using the Basket Handle project as a platform.

We are learning as we go, the July 20 workshop is being considered a beta test.

A full-on workshop will follow on July 30.

Following it's success, we are planning to series organized by Dennis Dusek:

(Let's Talk Design)

“(Let’s Talk Design)” is a series of photo presentations with discussion about design to be held one week apart (4 total).  Join our raw and real conversation with three accomplished blacksmiths:  Lynda Metcalf, Victoria Patti and Ellen Durkan.  Each smith will spend time going over design process as they take a piece from an idea to a finished concept over three separate sessions. 

These sessions are scheduled to run on Thursdays during August.

Each session will conclude with question and answer time giving each participant a chance to chat with the smiths. 

These three informal presentations will be followed by a final bonus session where all three come back and conduct a panel discussion combining their shared knowledge.

Each session will feature limited attendance so that participants can interact with the presenters/teachers.

Register for the sessions on the CBA website, under the CBA events page.

You must be a CBA member, and register to join the session.

The Online Lessons Initiative and (Let's Talk Design) are sponsored by Mark Aspery, Dennis Dusek, and Josh Buhlert, so that the proceeds can help restore CBA's finances following the cancellation of the 2020 Spring Conference.

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