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Library - VHS

 1 Mike ChishamGood elementary basic smithing
 Mike Chisham & Jerry AndersonSimple wall-hung kitchen potrack
 Carl Jennings Workshop Copper repousee class
 4 Joe Anderson & Mike Chisham“Junk-Box Jewellery” & barbeque fork & spoon
 5 Dorothy SteiglerHandles/Jewllery
 6 Toby HickmanBird & Italian Leaf. Early CBA conference tape
 7 Russ Swider Ornamental with air-powered tooling
 8 Tony Bennetton 
 9 Shared Traditions:Blacksmithing East and West 1982 (B&W)
 10 Trip Air Hammer sales video 40 lbs. Air Hammer  
 11.1 Clifton Ralph, Power Hammer Techiques Vol. 1 of 5 Intro to mechanical hammers
 11.2 Clifton Ralph, Power Hammer Techiques Vol. 2 of 5Tooling
 Clifton Ralph, Power Hammer Techiques Vol. 3 of 5 Tooling & toolholders; tongs.
 Clifton Ralph, Power Hammer Techiques Vol. 4 of 5 Forging demonstration
 11.5 Clifton Ralph, Power Hammer Techiques Vol. 5 of 5 Cont. forging demo; shop tour
 12 Edward Martin: Forging Efficiently 1995 Various forging techniques
 13 Tom Joyce, Demonstration and lecture 1995 Art lamp, slide lecture and more
 14 Off-Center Forge Video Catalog  Kickass Air Hammer; Poontongs
 15 CBA Spring Conference 1995 Auburn1995, various demos, none complete
 16 Interview with Donald Streeter  Master Colonial smith interviewed
 17 Clay Spencer, Treadle Hammering 1995 Excellent material from treadle-hammer innovator
 18 Forge & Anvil with Alan Rogers  PBS TV series 10 programs on two tapes
 Eduardo Chillida. The View of the Basque Country By Laurence Boulting Profile of important Catalan sculptor
 20 CBA Conf. 1994, Vista: Jerry Hoffman  Elements of design, forging dynamics, 8 basic forging processes
 21 CBA Conf. 1994, Vista: J. Hoffman, J. Kidwell, B. Northridge  Horseshoe & Midnite Madness
 22 CBA Conf. 1994, Vista: B. Northridge & L. Chaput Animal heads, bottle opener & scroll forms
 23 CBA Conf. 1994, Vista: Lowell Chaput & J. Hoffman  Scrolls & ABANA ring
 24 CBA Conf. 1994, Vista: Kurt Klausen  Forging pipe & Native American peace pipe
 25 CBA Conf. 1994, Vista:Jerry Hoffman 
 26 The Powerhammer cycle: How Little Giant tune-up analysisto cure the Bang-Tap-Miss-Blues. 
 27.1 Ironwork Around the World, vol.1 Francis Whitaker  
 Ironwork Around the World, vol.2 Francis Whitaker  
 27.3 Ironwork Around the World, vol.3 Francis Whitaker  
 27.4 Ironwork Around the World, vol.4 Francis Whitaker  
 27.5 Ironwork Around the World, vol.5 Francis Whitaker  
 27.6 Ironwork Around the World, vol.6 Francis Whitaker  
 28 Introduction to Fold-Forming C. Lewton-Brain, c1985  
 29 Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques (2 tapes) Blacksmith’s Journal  
 The Forgery School of Blacksmithing by Robb Gunter  2 tapes
 31 ABANA comes of Age N.O.M.M.  
 32 Leaves and Flowers with Bill Epps 
 33 Forged Animal Heads with Bill Epps 
 34 Bugs & Birds with Bill Epps 
 Making Tongs with Bill Epps 
 ABANA 1998: Uri Hofi Tape 2 
 37 ABANA 1998: Hoss Haley, Forged Vessels 
 38 ABANA 1998: Art Jones, 300 Pound Power Hammer Forging 
 39 ABANA 1998: Wendell Broussard, Repousse and Tooling- Large Leaf 
 40 C.Carl Jennings Memorial 8-9-03 
 41 The Bull Air Powered Forging HammerSales video 
 Patinas and Finishes for Iron, Steel, and Aluminum Video by Ron Young 
 43 Mike Chisham 6-18-82 
 44 Dorothy Steigler 
 45 The Pattern Welded Knife made with Traditional Blacksmithing Tools by Klaus Dubbert 
 46 Practical Jig Making NOMMA Education Foundation
 47 Mokume Gane in the Small Shop Midgett

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