Library - DVDs

 1 A Blacksmith Primer By Randy Mc Daniel 3 DVD set
 2 Powerhammer Tooling and Forging Techniques by Dave Manzer 
 3 The Fly Press with John Crouchet 
 1998 ABANA: Bob Bergman, Repousse tooling and leaf 
 1998 ABANA: Brad Silberberg, Texturing and Surface Detail 
 1998 ABANA: Scott Lankton, Forging a Sword 
 7 1998 ABANA: Uri Hofi Tape 3, Hand Forging with Striker 
 8 1998 ABANA: Fred Crist, Contemporary Architectural Forgework 
 9 1998 ABANA: Jim Batson, Forging of Knives 
 10 1998 ABANA: Jerry Darnell, Suffolk Door Latch 
 11 Free form Forging with Uri Hofi 
 12 Straight Stair Railing with Lloyd HughesNOMMA Education Foundation
 13 Curved Hand railingNOMMA Education Foundation
 14 Basic Damascus with Ed CaffreyCenter Cross Instructional Videos
 15 Mosaic Damascus with Ed CaffreyCenter Cross Instructional Videos
 16 Forging Mosaic Damascus Crawford/Nichols
 17 Forging the Lynx Head 
 18 Forging the Bear’s Head Darryl Nelson
 19 Forging the Full-Body Ram Darryl Nelson
 20 Forging the Ram’s Head Darryl Nelson
 21 Forging a Bearded Viking Axe James Austin
 22 Power Hammer Techniques I Toby Hickman

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